The whole of the Hot Tomato office was PUMPED to see if Moyra and Michelle, The Witch of Moon’s Lane, could achieve the somewhat unachievable: actually give Big Trev the scare he so rightfully deserves!

Trev, the station’s resident prankster, regularly scares the living daylights out of anybody and everybody, so when our mates at Fearaphobia offered a couple of their most hideous casemates to help scare him, everyone literally jumped at the chance!

The trap was set early, with Michelle texting the team saying she’d had a nasty dream about the infamous Hot Tomato hallway, which is believed to have been haunted for years – and explained that she needed to clear it of evil spirits.

Big Trev was excited to get in there and see what he could find, sage the place and get rid of any unwanted visitors, completely unaware that he was being setup for a potential scare of his life!

Watch what happens next:

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