JGI Quarry is a natural Riverstone and River sand producer and recycling facility located in Oxenford on the Gold Coast.

We extract and process natural stone through wet screening, allowing us to recover the natural river sand and size natural river stone from 150mm+ through varying sizes down to 5mm. This allows us to produce beautiful washed stone and manufacture rare Coarse River Sand material.

Our Environmental Authority allows us to accept a wide array of materials for recycling and reuse as drainage aggregates, scalps and other materials for the construction industry.

As part of our extraction pit rehabilitation, we accept and re-process non contaminated excavated material producing Class A fills, Clean Fills, Fill sand and other earthworks and construction products.

Our certified weighbridge runs I-weigh software allowing us to produce electronic dockets for signing and electronically email dockets, summary list and matching invoice at time of purchase or daily through to customers.

JGI Quarry offer customers a turn-key solution for their projects with the ability to import material from their projects and load up export at the same location reducing cartage costs.