Do you know a Gold Coaster doing it particularly tough at the moment? Is there someone that needs more help than you can get them?

Galey To The Rescue has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Gold Coasters in need. From riding a BMX bike non-stop for 24 hours to raise money for a BMX star who suffered a brain injury, to dragging a wheelie bin from one end of the coast to the other to raise money to prevent domestic violence, to continuously climbing the rainbow stairs in Miami to help a young boy achieve his dream of competing in the World Dwarf Games, to mowing the Broadwater Parklands for 24 hours straight to support the rehabilitation of a young girl with cerebral palsy.

The challenges are tough on Galey but rewarding for those who need it most.

Rallying the support of the whole city is the mission and Galey has never failed to complete it with the help of 1029 Hot Tomato listeners.

Let us know if you need Galey to rescue someone you know, submit your request now!


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