Imagine interviewing an iconic celebrity without knowing it?

Well, Australian TikToker Georgia Godworth interviewed iconic filmmaker Baz Luhrmann on the streets of Sydney without having a clue who he was.

She posted the video to her TikTok account @god_worthy, with the caption “Guys I had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann”.


Guys I had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann #streetinterviews #bazluhrmann #godworthy #funny #comedy #sydney

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At the start of the video, the Romeo + Juliet director hilariously asked if he is going to be lighted well and suggest some better angles to film from.

Let’s just say we’re not sure how she didn’t click on after that.


Georgia then asks him about his relationship status and Luhrmann opens up about his marriage and what love means to him.

As the video is starting to go viral, people are ripping Georgia to shreds in the comments for not realising the icon she was talking to.

“I feel like you shouldn’t work in media if you don’t know who Baz Luhrmann is. An insult to this genius”, one person commented.

Another commented “Girl, you’re lucky to interview the great Baz Luhrmann!!”, while another grilled her writing “LET HIM SPEAK dear lord”.

One person questioned whether she did actually know who he was, pleading for her to be joking.


We’re not sure how Georgia will ever recover from this…

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