Rumer Willis, 35, recently shared some uplifting news about her 69-year-old father on the Today show, simply saying, “He’s so good.”

She highlighted that he continues to be a wonderful grandfather to her young daughter Louetta, enjoys music, and treasures quality time with his family.

Despite these heartwarming updates, the family hasn’t publicly acknowledged the harsh truth revealed by doctors to that generally patients with Willis’ condition often become mute within just two to three years of diagnosis.

Bruce, a devoted father of five, has been battling frontotemporal dementia (FTD) since around spring 2022.

Unlike the more well-known Alzheimer’s disease, FTD doesn’t initially impact memory. Instead, aphasia—difficulty speaking and putting thoughts into words—is often the first symptom.

Willis has struggled with this for two years.



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FTD also distorts personalities, affecting the brain regions responsible for mood regulation. This can lead to sudden violent outbursts, public inappropriateness, a lack of self-awareness, and anxiety.

Tragically, those with FTD typically pass away within eight to 10 years of diagnosis, with about 80 percent of patients experiencing behavioural changes dying by the eighth year.

Rumer’s updates are a testament to the resilience and love that defines their family, even in the face of such a challenging journey.

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