The internet’s latest storm? A not-so-family-friendly video has allegedly featured none other than rap maestro Drake, but he’s taking the online whirlwind with a chuckle. Imaginations went wild as Drake’s name surged to the peak of trend charts on the web, sending netizens into a tizzy. The buzz kicked into overdrive when Adin Ross, a familiar face in Drake’s circle, teased a voice message supposedly sent to the “Hotline Bling” star.

In a jest-filled memo, Ross is heard exclaiming, “Wow, you’re hitting high notes in more ways than one, Drizzy!” followed by laughter. Not missing a beat, Drake’s alleged text riposte? A string of laugh-cry emojis, because when you’re Drake, you shrug off rumours with style — maybe even turning a spicy scandal into your next hit album’s intro track!

Twitter is already going into overdrive, with parodies and videos popping up minute by minute referring to the alleged video.


As for confirmation on the video’s authenticity and Drake’s actual response, mum’s the word from Camp Champagne Papi. This little escapade unfolds hot on the heels of the platform’s crackdown on deepfake content that had previously targeted Taylor Swift.

Drake, ever the newsmaker, also grabbed headlines just before the Grammys with his candid Insta-take on the awards’ credibility, or lack thereof. “

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