Topping Netflix charts across the world, Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron’s latest hit is A Family Affair.

The rom com follows a young woman named Zara (Joey King), daughter of Brooke (Nicole Kidman) who strikes up a hot and steamy relationship with Zara’s boss, Chris (Zac Efron). Also a mega Hollywood movie star.

Kidman reveals the title of the movie was originally too explicit for Netflix’s likings… Efron adding “It was called Motherf***er.”

“Beeped out,” Nicole added. “Somehow, that didn’t make it onto the Netflix title.” Zac said “That made the script stay at the top of the pile. It’s like, what on Earth could this be about?”

The first title option stayed true to it’s name when Nicole and Zac got saucy for their sex scene. Kidman is posed on top of Efron when they rip (literally) each others clothes off. Zac’s character (Chris) is hesitant for his “one of a kind” shirt to be torn as it’s ‘Shahtoosh’ – wool from the fur of the chiru.

Director Richard LaGravenese admits “The Shahtoosh T-shirt is kind of made-up, because Shahtoosh is a fabric that was illegal to bring into the country. It’s mostly made of pashmina.” 

LaGravenese reveals that a small hole was cut on Zac’s shirt in preparation for the scene to ensure Nicole could tear it open and nailing the timing. “She does have that strength, she tore it on the first take!” he said.


“They were very comfortable with each other, Nic and Zac,” LaGravenese mentions. “They know what they’re doing. They had no inhibitions about it. They just went for it, and it was great.”

Nicole’s on-screen daughter, Joey King interrupts the couple during the sex scene as she innocently walks in looking for her mum. She walks in with quite a ‘bang’…

“Joey coming into that scene — she did that about seven times,” LaGravenese revealed. “She was amazing.”

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