Is there anything more tempting than a warm cookie? How about a ginormous, warm cookie smothered in Nutella and served up by Pizza Hut? I’ll take three of these please!

This new creation isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s for the bold and those with a sweet tooth!

Pizza Hut has just revealed a surprising addition to its Aussie menu – the “Loaded Cookie” in cahoots with the beloved Nutella. This “monster” vanilla cookie is gloriously gooey and lavishly coated in Nutella, a dessert dream come true.

In a delightful dessert alliance, Nutella and Pizza Hut have teamed up to unleash a lavish 8-inch vanilla cookie, served warm and bathed in a divine Nutella drizzle. It’s a dessert match made in heaven!


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The Nutella Loaded Cookie now graces Pizza Hut’s dessert lineup, sitting alongside the much-loved 8-inch “Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie” – a firm fan favourite.


From Thursday, 22nd February, sweet-toothed pizza fans throughout Australia can gratify their sugary desires with the Nutella Loaded Cookie from any of Pizza Hut’s 270 eateries. Priced from $10.95, this scrumptious delight is just a few clicks away on the Pizza Hut website or app.

So, who’s up for pampering their sweet tooth with this irresistible new treat from Pizza Hut?

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