Growing up in the 90s was a time of VHS tapes and dial-up internet. It meant experiencing the excitement of rushing home to catch your favourite cartoons on TV because there were no streaming services or on-demand shows. It meant spending hours playing outside until the streetlights came on, using landline phones to call friends (and praying no one picked up the phone while you were online). It meant mastering the art of rewinding tapes to watch your favourite movie again or before you took it back to the rental store so you didn’t get in trouble. The thrill of listening to your favourite songs on cassette tapes that you’d recorded off the radio.

TikToker Tara Town is “The 90s Girl” and is worth a follow if you just want to reminisce about a far simpler time in a pre-digital era, where the world was on the brink of technological advancement, but life was still simple.

Pizza Hut was a different place in the 90s (if you weren’t in Australia even more so apparently), but seeing this video brought back memories of things like the awesomeness of all-you-can-eat pizza, the jelly, the puzzle mats with the little pencil and those Dinosaur puppet toys from “The Land Before Time” movie, I think “Petrie” was my favourite. That movie came to Australia in late 89 and I remember the weird smell of the plastic. We collecting them for the next few years.

@tara_town Anyone else get nostalgic for the 90’s Pizza Hut? #90s #90skids #nostalgia #nostalgic ♬ original sound – ✨The 90’s Girl✨

Playgrounds in the 90s were a little different. Can you imagine your kids playing like this today?

@tara_town And we always went back for MORE. #90s #90skids #nostalgia #nostalgic ♬ original sound – ✨The 90’s Girl✨

There was no such thing as “boring hair” in the 90s

@tara_town Never had a dull moment… #90s #90skids #nostalgia #nostalgic ♬ original sound – ✨The 90’s Girl✨

WOW! Seeing that, reminded us of this absolute banger from Christina Aquilera from 1999. Pre-Xtina and an unstoppable force.


What did you collect in the 90s? Was it action figures? Cards or like most of the population.. this little POGS!

@tara_town Hours of fun with small circles of cardboard 👌 #90s #90skids #nostalgia #nostalgic ♬ original sound – ✨The 90’s Girl✨

The 90s were more than just a decade; they were a defining era that continues to evoke fond memories and a sense of shared cultural identity among those who were fortunate enough to experience it firsthand.

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