In a recent study it turns out young adults are turning their backs on wine, leaving vineyards in a grapey predicament.

Reports from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine disclose a staggering 221 million hectolitres (or 22.1 billion litres) of wine consumed globally last year.

Though this sounds like a lot of wine, surprisingly, this quantity isn’t cutting the mustard. With consumption hitting a low not seen since 1996, blame falls on the younger generation shunning wine for trendier tipples.

Wine sales drop as young adults turn to other trendier drinks

Pia Piggott, Rabobank analyst, told the ABC that the decline points to changing demographics and health-conscious choices leading youths away from wine towards alternative beverages. Meanwhile, beer enjoys a frothy surge in popularity.

This wine exodus has slashed prices in half for premium vintages, cueing the rise of dusty-labelled, wax-sealed treasures once perched high on shelves.

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