When it comes to selecting the ideal seat for catching some shut-eye on a flight and avoiding annoying interruptions, experts unanimously agree on one prime location.

So, what is this golden seat?

Travel blogger Sean Lau told news.com.au, “As someone with a fear of flying, I always prefer the window seat above the wings.”

Sean also suggests that the strategic positioning of this seat not only offers a smoother ride due to its proximity to the plane’s centre of gravity but also allows anxious flyers the reassurance of a calming view outside.

So, there you have it. The window seat in the middle of the plane reigns supreme for both short and long-haul flights, offering a more peaceful rest.

Always choose a window seat in the middle of the plane for optimum sleep

Not only does the window seat provide a more suitable sleeping environment, but you can say goodbye to disturbances caused by fellow flyers needing to access the aisle. Additionally, the wall serves as a comfortable support for your weary head or body, improving the quality of your in-flight nap.


If you can, avoid the airplane’s tail end if sound sleep is your goal. The rear rows are prone to increased turbulence and noise from restroom visits, disrupting your slumber. Opt instead for seats towards the front for a smoother, more undisturbed snooze.

Experts suggest avoiding the back of the plane to avoid turbulence and noise from restroom visits.

For those craving extra legroom, consider the exit row, albeit sacrificing some reclining ability. While first-class indulges travellers with ample space for stretching out, following these expert tips can significantly enhance your sleep quality without breaking the bank.

Make your next flight a dreamy experience by securing the coveted window seat—it’s the ticket to a well-rested journey above the clouds! 🛫✨

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