In the grand tradition of corporate gifting, there’s no shortage of tales recounting the worst-of-the-worst from the proverbial gift-horse’s mouth. Buckle up as we venture into the realm of the bizarre, the laughable, and the downright embarrassing.

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Reddit is always a haven for the best stories of the worst gifts, including this gem from the Reddit user, “earmuffio”. Amidst the usual festive cheer, they received a solitary $25 Gift card, that guess what… Wasn’t even activated! Yes, you read that correctly. Evidently, a business can buy that card, but activation is prohibited!

Coles has decided to join the competition for worst Employee Christmas gift also, gifting branded water bottles to its hardworking staff, leading to an uproar on Reddit’s r/Australia sub, where the post’s author didn’t hold back their opinions on this ‘absolute joke’ of a gift.

The Reddit user, “LilyExplainsItAll” must surely take the cake according to other Redditors after revealing their amazingly poignant gift. The Redditor explained how they received “A single-serving bag of Doritos with a sticker on that said “You’re all that and a bag of chips!” Unsurprisingly, this gift did not have the anticipated effect on employee morale.”


One Redditor user was presented with a calendar featuring 12 months of – wait for it – office chairs. Because, who doesn’t appreciate the nuanced differences between a swivel chair and an ergonomic one, am I right?

Last but not least, let us commiserate with “Cheesemer92” who was working for (lets say) large fast food chain, received 20 “McBucks” instead of a raise, bonus or physical gift. As you might’ve guessed, they were only redeemable at that specific fast food chain…

It just goes to show, the world of corporate and workplace gifting is a wild ride. Here’s to hoping your next employer gift isn’t destined to be Reddit’s next top post.

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