Reese Witherspoon has shocked the internet after giving a hilarious impression of Nicole Kidman, accent and all.

Nicole was being honoured with the 49th AFI Life Achievement Award when her 48-year-old Big Little Lies co-star whipped out her impression.

“Most actors wait by a phone to be chosen by a director, but as an actor, Nicole has always been proactive. Even in her earliest work, she picks her directors”, Reese said in her speech.

The ‘Legally Blonde’ star then shared that Nicole will often introduce her to foreign films she’s ‘never heard of’ before going straight into the Aussie accent.

While many have praised Reese for her accurate impression of Nicole, she’s received a fair amount of critique for her Aussie accent.


“I swear most of you have never heard a good Australian accent – this is actually terrible”, one person wrote.

While we might not be sold on the accent, we’ve got to give Reese credit for giving it a go.

Reese was amongst the many stars to pay tribute to Nicole, with Meryl Streep, Naomi Watts and husband Keith Urban taking the stage to speak in honour of the actress.

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