Nobody leaves Tom Tate in the corner.

After years of criticism for being left out, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has finally secured a seat on the 2032 Olympics Committee.

The Mayor was controversially left off the organising committee when it was first established by former Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk back in 2021.

That’s despite the Gold Coast being home to seven Games venues and the Mayor already having plenty of experience in hosting major events, including the hugely successful 2018 Commonwealth Games.

However, after three years of a bitter war of words over the snub, Mr Tate is finally expected to be appointed to the board.

The move comes after a parliamentary committee recommended he be added to the group given the city’s investment in the event.

“As always, I’m here to help,” Mayor Tate said.


“I note the recommendation of the committee, and I look forward to the formalisation by the parliament”.

It comes eight years out from the event hitting our shores.

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