The controversial Arundel Hills Country Club development remains up in the air, despite the State’s Housing Minister making a call on its future.

Gaven MP Meaghan Scanlon has decided not to overturn Council’s rejection of the $150 million project.

However, she has left the door open for more affordable housing to potentially go ahead through the courts.

The State Government has confirmed it will intervene by putting a Temporary Local Planning Instrument over the private land.

“The TLPI will ensure greater housing diversity and affordability, including a minimum of 20 per cent of social and affordable housing on the site, increased dwelling density and deliver better environmental and recreation outcomes,” the State Government said.

The TLPI will also supplement the Gold Coast City Council Plan and ensure council involvement in future development of the site. 

Ms Scanlon, who is also the Local Government and Planning Minister, has revealed she will also be looking to join legal proceedings before the Planning and Environment Court to “ensure state interests are represented”.


It would be the first time a Minister for Planning has utilised the powers to intervene in proceedings to protect state interest.

“The current proposal for 368 homes on the 67-hectare disused golf course is not considered to be an efficient or effective use of the prime site,” Ms Scanlon said.

“The State Government remains committed to building more homes, faster in well located areas while still protecting our uniquely Queensland lifestyle.

Ms Scanlon confirmed she received 2158 responses during the consultation period and thanked the community for their input.

“The Gold Coast desperately needs new housing supply and as Minister I take that responsibility seriously,” she said.

“Queensland is growing, housing pressures are being felt across the state and we need to unlock more homes, faster.


“We need more housing where people want to live.. close to transport, schools and infrastructure”.

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