The wet weather isn’t expected to dampen the vibes at this morning’s ‘free the peach’ protest happening on the Gold Coast.

The cheeky demonstration has been organised by Barr Body and Swim founder Rebecca Pask in response to a local businessman’s calls to ban g-string bikinis.

Ian Grace called for the cheeky bottoms to be banned in a letter to Mayor Tom Tate earlier this week.

It sparked uproar amongst the local community, with swimwear owner Ms Pask describing the proposed ban as ‘unwarranted’ and ‘unwelcome’.

“In an era where women have fought so hard to wear what we want without judgement or shame, comments like this from an over 60+ out of touch male only drives us even more to dress women how they want,” she said.

“Our one pieces are designed to offer modesty, with cheekiness, for a woman to love the skin she is in, so does that warrant a ban in the bare bum?

“How in 2024 are we still having these conversations and blanketing judgement over any woman that dares to bare a bit of cheek.


“Is this Australia, the free country? Or is this a small-minded, male-influenced opinionated Gold Coast community problem?

“This is something we are passionate about, as we stand for all women, as it’s their personal choice to wear whatever they wish, whether that be a skimpy bikini, a modest one piece, or a head-to-toe wetsuit,” she said.

The walk was set to kick off outside Kurrawa Surf Club in Broadbeach at 6am, with those attending encouraged to wear “whatever they feel most comfortable in”.

“Come walk, sing, dance, jog, wear the beachwear that you feel comfortable in,” Ms Pask said.

“This gathering is to support freedom of choice and inclusivity, from cheeky bums, to budgies smugglers, come one, come all, let’s pull out Gold Coast community together to take a stand”.

The Mayor has confirmed he will not be considering the ban.

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