The Gold Coast will need to increase its housing target by another 160,000 dwellings if the city is to cope with the expected surge in population.

Modelling shows an extra 2.2 million people will call southeast Queensland home by 2046.

More than 380,000 of those are tipped to settle on the Gold Coast.

That’s an increase of around 60 per cent, taking the city’s population to more than 1 million.

The Gold Coast was on track to have an extra 271,000 new dwellings by 2046.

But the latest update to the Southeast Queensland Regional Plan shows the city will now need more than 429,000 new dwellings.

Statewide, it’s estimated the region will need 900,000 new homes within the next 25 years, opening the door for changes to planning laws to allow for higher density housing.


The government wants 20 per cent of all new dwellings to be set aside for social and affordable housing.

Community consultation on the plan is open until September 20.

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