Gen X parents have slowly started learning that the younger generations have developed the habit of watching tv with subtitles or closed-captioning on. To the older generation this was only used for hearing impaired of when the shows were in another language. These days however studies show that more than half of Millennials and Gen Z prefer them.

This change shocked TikTokker, teacher and Gen X Mother, Kelly Gibson.


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“I have three daughters, and they were here. Two of them are young millennials; the other one is an older Gen Z,” Gibson explained in a video with over 400,000 views. “All of them were like, ‘Why don’t you have the captions on?’”

“My Gen X butt was shocked to find out that these young people have decided it’s absolutely OK to watch movies with the captions going the whole time,” she said.

Gibson asked her girls why they preferred to watch TV with captioning and their reason was straightforward…With subtitles, it’s easier not to lose track of the dialog if people in the room start talking.


“They get more out of it,” Gibson explained. “If somebody talks to them in the middle of the show, they can still read and get what’s going on even if they can’t hear clearly. Why are young people so much smarter than us?”

Judging from the comments it is definitely a more common practice now;

“We use the captions because (GenX) hate the inability of the movie makers to keep sound consistent. ex: explosions too loud conversation to quiet.” Lara Lytle wrote.

“Millennial here. I have ADHD along with the occasional audio processing issues, I love captions. Also, sometimes i like crunchy movie snacks.” Jessileemorgan added.

“I started putting captions on when my husband worked nights and I’ve just never stopped. Movies I’ve seen a dozen time I’m like THATS what they said???” Katie.alves chimed in.



Its not all steered towards having captions though, some commented against them.

“I don’t, you miss watching the movie, the background, the characters clothes etc. Captions also block those visuals.” Clare.


Sites like Youtube and TikTok have made the use of subtitles more prominent in daily consumed media and perhaps more acceptable to use. Or maybe its the ease of access to foreign films which are being watched with subtitles that has also made people more comfortable with them on.

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