The Mayor’s hopes of the Gold Coast rescuing the 2026 Commonwealth Games are still alive after a Senate committee called on the federal government to salvage the event.

The Senate inquiry has been looking into Australia’s readiness to host both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games following Victoria’s shock decision to pull out of the 2026 event.

The move has left the future of the Commonwealth Games up in the air with organisers scrambling to find a new host.

Tom Tate continues to push for the Gold Coast to step in but there has so far been little appetite from the state or federal governments.

“I stick to my mantra that we are Games ready. (I’m) not asking for a ‘yes’, I just ask for the opportunity to table what can we do for a smaller budget and what we can do logistically,” Mayor Tate said.

But the Mayor wants to go even further than that.

“With confidence and enthusiasm, I just don’t want the 2026 Commonwealth Games. I want this city to host, permanently, the Commonwealth Games every eight years.


“Every four years they can go back to some part of the UK. That would be a true legacy.”

The Senate Committee has recommended the federal government set up a forum involving all three tiers of government, business associations and community groups, to “examine options to salvage the Commonwealth Games.”

It’s also called on government departments to come up with a range of potential funding options that would allow the event to remain in Australia.

“Subject to the above, and in coordination with any other relevant stakeholders, including Gold Coast City Council and other local governments, enter into discussions with Commonwealth Games Federation and Commonwealth Games Australia about prospects for hosting the Games, including a reduced or decentralised Games if necessary,” the report said.

The Committee has also questioned the state government’s move to demolish and rebuild the Gabba for the 2032 Olympics which will also see a local primary school knocked down.

It has called for alternative options to be looked at, including using existing facilities.

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