The season finale of Bluey was an emotional rollercoaster for all. The episode ended so well it even prompted parent’s and fans of the show to wonder if that’s it for the beloved pups! It had it all, including – an illegal driving offence?????

A scene in the season finale prompted viewers to question whether Chile, the beloved Blue Heeler’s mum, broke a road rule right before their eyes!

In one scene of the cartoon, we see Chili and the kids all hop into the car to take a drive to find Bluey’s godmother.

The youngest pups rode in the back, while seven-year-old Bluey sat in the front passenger seat next to her mum.

Queensland Transport shared an image from the show to social media and asked their followers whether it was legal to drive with a young child in the passenger seat.

“Chilli has three children in the back seat and seated her seven-year-old, Bluey, in the front seat. Can Chilli get fined for this?”

Before hitting the road Bluey’s mum, Chile, decides to quickly check the road rules on her phone and reads it aloud.


“Queensland road rules say that if all seats are taken, a child older than 4 can sit in the front seat, yep it’s allowed,” she said.

So that settles that.. right?

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