A staggering $60 million is up for grabs in tonight’s Powerball jackpot, with 1 in 6 Aussie adults expected to grab a ticket.

It’s the second biggest jackpot offered so far this year, soaring after no one managed to hold the winning numbers over the past four draws.

The Lott spokesperson Anna Hobdell said if someone scored division one tonight, they would expect to receive their multi-million-dollar prize before the end of October.

“There would be no better way to end the final months of 2023 with a division one win in the bank on October 19 – it would undoubtedly set the family up for a magical Christmas season!” she said.

“Our Powerball winners have described their division one win as a beacon of hope and positivity, which has drawn them closer to their life-long dreams and long-held aspirations, whether they’re big or small.

“Australia’s biggest lottery winner of 2023 to date is a Bankstown dad who took home a staggering $100 million in a June Powerball draw.

“Surprisingly, the Western Sydney man told us he planned to continue with his usual routine of waking up and going to work but looked forward to treating his family to a brand-new home.”


Aussies are being urged to register their entries to ensure they can be contacted as soon as the jackpot goes off.

“We’ll be ready to make any life-changing phone calls to registered division one winners on Thursday night – so if you do see your phone light up, answer it immediately!” Ms Hobdell said.

“My best advice for anyone wanting the chance to win Powerball this week is to ensure you have an entry in your hands before the draw’s close at 7.30pm AEST on Thursday night.

“As this is the biggest offer of any Australian lottery game at the moment, we’re expecting it to be busy in-store and online leading up to tonight’s draw.

Good luck!

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