The State Government has announced it’s fast-tracking a new youth remand facility to be built at Wacol.

The $250-million facility will hold at least 50 juveniles and will help reduce the amount of time children are held in adult watch houses.

It’s expected to be up and running by 2024 thanks to rapid build technology and a modular design that’ll enable faster delivery of the project.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she is committed to tackling youth crime.

“There is nothing more important than keeping the community safe and we know we need more detention capacity,” the Premier says.

“This youth remand centre will provide best-practice services to young people, who have found themselves on the wrong path so early in life,

“Of course, we know prevention is key to keep them from committing crimes, which is why we announced a raft of funding for programs that help break the cycle of offending.”


Construction is already underway on the facility, which is being built on land owned by Queensland Police nearby the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

The state’s top cop, Commissioner Katarina Carroll, has described the remand centre as “critical” for the state

“The QPS Wacol precinct is an ideal location to build this facility as it is located right next to the current youth detention centre, allowing for easy access to a range of government services,” Commissioner Carroll says.

“The facility will significantly boost watchhouse capacity for the QPS into the future which is a good outcome for operational staff and prisoners held in police custody,

“Police will continue to work with our government partners and the community sector on a range of youth crime initiatives to keep the community safe, intervene early and break the cycle of young people reoffending.”

The facility will have common exercise areas and access to educational, medical and therapeutic capabilities at the adjacent detention complex.

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