Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has blasted the State Government over its handling of the 2032 Olympics.

It comes after reports emerged that the Premier had sought advice to cancel the Games following the drama surrounding the cost and stadiums.

However, that would have come at a hefty cost in the form of a $500 million compensation payout and a loss of $3 billion in Federal Funding.

The State Government has emphatically denied the reports this morning, claiming it “never sought advice about cancelling the Games”.

“We’ve always said Queensland would deliver a great games… not once did the government ever have the intention to cancel the games,” a Queensland Government spokesperson said.

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has described the chaos surrounding the event as a “shemozzle”.

“There was actually some senior Labor figures late last year who were writing in the papers that maybe we should consider cancelling the Games, so clearly they were floating this trial balloon,” he told Nine.


“It’s an absolute shemozzle up there, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to put on a great Olympics now given the mismanagement.

“But it looks like we’ll put on a pretty good circus,  it’s a total circus up there and that looks like one of the best shows around right now”.

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