The Queensland Premier is under renewed pressure to do more to address the youth crime crisis as the number of incidents continue to soar.

Organisers of the Voice for Victims advocacy group have announced they will be marching again following a string of violent incidents across the state.

It comes just weeks after they staged a peaceful march on the steps of Parliament House, which ultimately resulted in the State Government implementing an interim victims commissioner and victims of crime advisory group.

The next march will be held on November 5, with the Sunday event expected to draw a crowd of thousands of fed-up residents.

Organisers are encouraging all Queenslanders to join them from 10.30am in Queens Park.

“This peaceful rally is an opportunity for Queenslanders to come together and show their support for Victims of Youth Crime,” organisers said.

“So many people have fought for reforms over the years and we are hopeful this will be a celebration of their achievements.


“If not, we will continue to lobby the government for change”.

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