The Federal Government says it is urgently working to confirm the safety of all Australians caught up in the Israeli conflict.

It comes after Hamas launched a massive attack on the country, resulting in the declaration of war between the two parties.

The death toll is already edging close to 1000 as the activity continues to escalate, prompting our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to update its travel advice.

The Australian Government is now urging no one to travel to Gaza or border territories, as they desperately seek to confirm the safety of all Australians who are already there.

At this stage, the Government is unaware of any Australians under threat in the region.

“Australia’s thoughts are with those lost, those injured, those taken hostage, and all their loved ones” Foreign Minister Penny Wong told reporters at a press conference this morning.

“Australia always urges the protection of civilian lives, we are seeking to confirm the welfare of Australians in affected areas.


“We are working with local authorities and I spoke also with our head ambassador in Israel, and our head of missions in the Palestinian territories.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese echoed Ms Wong’s sentiments, describing the invasion as “an absolute shock, not just for Israel, but for the whole world”.

“The capturing of people and taking them back to Gaza represents an extraordinary action by Hamas, and Israel, of course, has a right to defend itself,” the Prime Minister said.

“Hamas bears responsibility for what has occurred here. This was a shock attack, obviously planned over a long period of time.”

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