An American woman, Jessica was left dumbfounded when her sister sent her an itemised bill after babysitting her daughter, Victoria, for the weekend. Jessica shared the jaw-dropping invoice on TikTok, igniting a heated debate online.

Jessica, needing to work over the weekend, had asked her sister to watch Victoria. Her sister, already managing three kids of her own, agreed. However, when Jessica returned, she was met with an unexpected expense – a detailed invoice totalling $108 AUD ($72 US).

The charges included $10 US ($15 AUD) for cleaning up after a bedwetting incident, $17US ($25.50 AUD) for a meal at an Italian restaurant, and $3 US ($4.50 AUS) for three cups of apple juice. The bill didn’t stop there. Jessica was also charged $1.25 US ($1.87 AUD) for paint used during an art activity, $7 US ($10.50 AUD) for electricity used for video games, and even 50 cents per toilet flush.

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Jessica took to TikTok, showcasing the absurd breakdown and expressing her disbelief. “How ridiculous is this girl?” she exclaimed. The video quickly went viral, with many viewers siding with Jessica.

Some TikTok users were astounded by the sister’s audacity. “Start a list of all the favours you have done for her” one person commented. Another added, “Girl time for a new sister.”


However, not everyone thought the charges were entirely out of line. One user pointed out, “The only one that’s reasonable on there is the Olive Garden dinner but that’s it.”

In a follow-up video, Jessica’s sister defended her actions, arguing that daycare would have cost much more. “I have enough on my plate. An extra mouth to feed was stressful,” she wrote.

The viral saga left viewers divided in their opinions. What do you think. Should you reimburse close family members for babysitting duties?

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