Barbie has created special edition dolls to champion more stories for girls, and our very own Mary Fowler is proudly featured among the illustrious athletes turned into Barbies.

Her doll even comes with her signature black gloves and bubble braid.

“When I saw myself as Barbie for the first time, it was crazy; I was honestly just a bit speechless. I never would have thought that I’d have a Barbie that looks just like me,” Fowler said.


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“There are so many other incredible women who have been turned into Barbie dolls, and I just never would have thought that I would be up there with them. I’m super grateful and honored to be part of this.”

Fowler, who plays for Manchester City when she’s not running around in the green and gold, teamed up with the Mattel crew to bring her Barbie to life.


She said she wanted the doll to replicate her most confident self which is when she’s on the pitch.

“Being a positive influence and seeing young girls recreate my look has been so special. To finally hold my doll and see her wear my bubble braid, my gloves, and even my boots, made my Barbie doll unique and connected to me,” she said.

Fowler is joining eight other female sporting stars with a Barbie doll modeled after them.

Fellow soccer star, Christine Sinclair from Canada, tennis icon Venus Williams, and Spanish paratriathlon athlete Susan Rodriguez are also having dolls modeled after them.


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This range of dolls was created to continue the 65th-anniversary celebrations of Barbie.

Krista Berger, senior vice president of Barbie and global head of dolls at Mattel, said the range embodies “our shared values of passion, empowerment, and individuality.”

“By shining a light on these inspirational athletes and their stories, we hope to champion the belief that every young girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her passions and turn her dreams into reality,” Ms. Berger said.

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