There’s been a major development following the stabbing death of a man in a shopping centre car park at Hope Island earlier this month.

A second man has now been charged with murder after 21-year-old Will Swinbourne was allegedly stabbed to death in what police allege was a drug deal gone wrong.

A 23-year-old Redbank Plains man was initially arrested and charged with murder after being tracked down following a major manhunt after the fatal stabbing on March 11.

He fronted court last week where he was remanded in custody.

Following ongoing investigations, police today took a 24-year-oldman from Hope Island into custody.

Detective Inspector Mark Mooney confirmed he is the same man who was initially released after also being arrested following the manhunt.

“We’re not alleging that the second defendant had any involvement in the actual murder itself, but he was complicit in planning the robbery, which has obviously led to the deceased being stabbed,” Inspector Mooney said.


“The way the legislation is written, is, if you’re planning to conduct a robbery and the outcome of that robbery is someone becomes deceased, then you are also complicit in that murder as well”.

The Hope Island man is due to front Southport Court this afternoon charged with murder and robbery.

A robbery charge has also been laid against the first accused, with police alleging the pair robbed the victim of drugs following his death.

More to come.

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