A major manhunt is underway for multiple gunmen who remain on the run after two separate shootings in Logan.

A 23-year-old man was shot in the neck after a group of people stormed a property along Granger Road in Park Ridge around 7.40pm.

Police say they demanded property from a male occupant before allegedly firing the gun, leaving the man with a wound to his neck.

He was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, whilst the group fled the scene with a small number of personal items.

Just hours later, another group got into a fight which quickly escalated along Loganview Road North when a firearm was discharged.

The shot was fired into a car, so thankfully no one was injured.

A crime scene has been established at both locations, however, police say at this stage the shootings do not appear to be linked.


There is also no threat to public safety, with investigations ongoing.

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