There’s been dramatic scenes at Gold Coast Airport overnight after a plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

It’s understood the light aircraft lost its landing gear around 8pm, forcing the pilots to circle for an hour in the air to reduce their fuel load before touching down on the plane’s belly.

Incredible vision of the terrifying moment shows sparks flying as the plane skated down the runway.

Mitch Ware from Queensland Ambulance admitted they had multiple critical care paramedics waiting in the wings, but thankfully both male pilots escaped physical injury.

“You prepare for the worst and just hope for the best with those sort of incidents,” he said.

“We had our critical care paramedics on site, just in case there was some sort of failed landing, but thankfully that wasnt the case this evening”.

A spokesperson from Gold Coast Airport confirmed the incident in a statement.


“A light aircraft experienced a technical issue with its landing gear upon approach to Gold Coast Airport last night,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“The experienced pilots on board landed the aircraft safely with the landing gear retracted.

“There are no ongoing impacts to airport operations.”




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