The Mayor admits the decline in Schoolies to the Gold Coast is another hit to local businesses, who already struggle through the week of festivities.

There’s been a drastic dip in the number of school leavers who have flocked to the glitter strip for end of school celebrations this year.

It’s been a trend that has been on the downward spiral for several years now, with many graduates opting for more low-key activities and locations.

Tom Tate admits it is a shame for businesses in the precinct, who rely on school leavers to boost their trade, as residents and other locals often avoid the area during that time.

He says if the drop in attendees continues, council will look at ways to attract more Schoolies back to Surfers Paradise.

“For the businesses, it’s not good for them. This is a low season right now, nothing is happening,” he said.

“But let me say, if Schoolies continues to decline to that extent, we will have to work out that we generate some events in order to top up the businesses”.


There’s been calls to can the annual event altogether, but the Mayor admits it’s better the city embraces Schoolies, rather than discourage them from partying on the glitter strip.

“Whether I like it or not is not the issue, my belief is that it’s easier to cancel Christmas than Schoolies because the minute you say ‘don’t come’ the numbers will double,” Mayor Tate said.

Police have also declared the celebrations have been a lot more subdued this year, with both arrests and hospitalisations down significantly.

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