It’s only early days, but police have already labelled the behaviour of this year’s Schoolies as excellent.

Just six school leavers have been arrested in the Gold Coast’s party precinct since the celebrations kicked off on Saturday.

That’s compared to 18 arrests around the same time last year.

“The offending has definitely reduced… We’re there to help, we’re not there to be the boogie man and arrest everyone,” Acting Superintendent Peter Miles told the ABC.

“The selfies are excellent, the engagement with all authorities from Police to Red Frogs, has been excellent… it’s a good vibe out there at the moment”.

Acting Supt Miles said times have definitely changed.

“It wasn’t that long ago that we would all march up to the McDonalds there at the top of the mall, we would do our neck exercises, and get ready for the fights,” he joked.


“It’s not like that at all anymore, there’s plenty of good opportunities for the kids”.

Paramedics were kept a little busier though, with 79 teens requiring treatment in the dedicated Schoolies medical hub on Sunday night, which marked night two of festivities.

However, only three needed to be taken to hospital for further treatment.

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