Queensland Police have declared they were happy with the behaviour of those who gathered in Brisbane’s CBD for a pro-palestine rally on Friday night.

Hundreds of people descended on King George Square for the protest amid the conflict in the Middle East.

Police were initially on high alert and had additional officers ready to deploy if tensions began to escalate.

But a Queensland Police spokesperson confirmed no arrests were made, with attendees marching peacefully.

It comes after Deputy Commissioner of Crime, Counter-Terrorism and Specialist Operations, Tracy Linford urged protestors before the rally to be respectful.

“Rallies, vigils and protests are often a very good means for people to be able to come out and express that emotion, get support from others, and actually demonstrate what their concerns might be,” she said.

“So it is an outlet that we support when done peacefully and within the law.


“Be respectful, be understanding and understand that there are communities out there that are suffering significant grief.”

It’s understood organisers are planning another protest in the streets of Brisbane city again next week.

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