The Queensland Government is finally set to ban the sale of knives and replica firearms to children in a bid to tackle the state’s escalating youth crime crisis.

The proposed laws would make it a crime to sell knives, and other bladed weapons items like machetes, axes, swords, and gel blasters to those under the age of 18.

Any person attempting to use false identification to purchase one of the items could also be charged with an offence.

It follows strong campaigning for changes to knife sale laws by the parents of Gold Coast teenager Jack Beasely, who was stabbed to death in Surfers Paradise in 2019.

It also follows the success of ‘Jack’s Law’, which has seen police seize over 350 weapons in the first six months of wanding operations across the state.

“Six months after Jack’s Law came into effect it’s really encouraging to see that Police are using Jack’s legacy to undertake wanding operations right across the state,” Brett and Belinda Beasley said.

“It’s clearly making a real difference in helping to keep communities safe.


“It’s also very gratifying to see the government take another significant step in relation to restricting the availability of weapons, especially to young people.”

Queensland is currently the only state without restrictions on the sale of gel blasters.

“These laws will assist in keeping dangerous items out of the hands of young criminals before violent offences can occur,” Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

The State Government is hoping to introduce the legislation before the end of the year.

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