Voting for the Voice to Parliament is officially underway, with polling booths now open across the entire country.

The fate of the Voice will be decided by the record 17.6 million people enrolled to vote in the referendum.

Booths opened at 8am local time this morning and will close at 6pm tonight.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, more than 6 million people have already cast their ballot early.

Friday even marked a new pre-polling record, with more than 1 million votes cast in one single day.

“Overall, around 6.13 million people voted at an early voting centre,” the AEC said.

“This compares to 5.6 million at the 2022 federal election making the referendum pre-poll period the largest number of votes cast at early voting centres in Australia’s history.”

If the final opinion poll is anything to go by, the referendum does appear to be heading for defeat.

There has been a late 3 per cent swing towards the Yes campaign, but it’s not expected to be enough.

The poll shows 57 per cent of Australians are preparing to vote No, compared to 37 per cent Yes.

Just 6 per cent of voters remained undecided.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is expected to address the nation tonight, regardless of the outcome.

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